The Time is Now! How to Embrace Video as a True Competitive Advantage for Yourself and Your Business

A session by Tyler Lessard
VP, Marketing, Vidyard

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About this session

Embracing video as a content format to consistently engage your audience is no longer an option. Whether you're in sales, marketing, business leadership, or any other position, now is the time to rethink how you can turn that HD lens in your laptop, smartphone, or digital camera into a new way to connect and convert in the virtual age.

Join Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard and host of the Video in Focus show, for an interactive session on how to embrace video as a game-changing technology for yourself and your business. Discover what makes video such a powerful platform, how to leverage its unique attributes, and how to instigate a cultural shift to make a video-first approach to your content and messaging a reality.

Tyler Lessard

Hundreds of years (well, at least 6) immersed in the world of video for business. Author, speaker, podcast host, and chalk talker on all things video marketing and video selling.

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